Steven Meadows M.D. Ohio State Ophthalmology Residency Class of 2005

Steve Meadows MD was a medical student and resident at Ohio State completing his residency in 20015 and returning home to the Cleveland area to practice.   We had to park 1/2 mile because so many people were at this service.  I highly recommend watching this as it demonstrates the impact that someone like Steve can have.

Medicare for All?

I am not sure that Medicare for All (MFA) and Donald Trump go together in one sentence very well.  But Forbes suggests HERE that could be his solution to health care and replacing the ACA.  I think it is about time that we give people a simple plan that covers all of the basics.  maybe like Nixon going to China it will take someone like Trump to get this over the finish line.  Still  – there are a lot of problems with Medicare and Medicaid –  Mainly their bureaucracy and poor payment levels.  On the other hand it is a plan that is working…