US Cataract Surgery is a Bargain

US Cataract Surgery is a Bargain

 Cost of cataract surgery

The US takes a rap for having the most expensive healthcare in the world. Sometimes countries spend far less and get equal, if not better, outcomes. One area that does NOT seem to follow this pattern is cataract surgery. The US has costs near the bottom of most countries with outstanding results. Thanks mainly to the huge cuts that Medicare and Medicaid have enacted on cataract surgery as well as the competition that surgery centers have dealt to hospitals. Surgeon have aggressively adopted innovation to improve outcomes and efficiency. It is a model for other areas of medicine.

Steven Meadows M.D. Ohio State Ophthalmology Residency Class of 2005

Steve Meadows MD was a medical student and resident at Ohio State completing his residency in 20015 and returning home to the Cleveland area to practice.   We had to park 1/2 mile because so many people were at this service.  I highly recommend watching this as it demonstrates the impact that someone like Steve can have.