Restasis Update: Generic (Teva) available in Canada – When in the US?

Restasis what approved by the FDA and introduced in the US in 2003.  Patent laws would have made a generic possible in 2015 (12 years).  Allergan has taken the unusual step of considering selling their patent to a Native American tribe to obtain sovereign immunity.  It did not work.  Allergan CEO Brent Saunders is trying to delay a generic as long as possible as they the generate greater than $1B per year from this drug.   Now Canada has a generic made by Teva.  Teva and Mylan are fighting to make a generate in the US.

Allergan took an expensive risk to develop topical cyclosporin into a useable drug for severe dry eye.  By all measures it has been a huge success and helped huge numbers of patients.  They deserve to generate a profit for their innovation.  However, enough is enough.  It is time to lower the costs on this mature drug.  Allergan should develop a new, better drug to start the whole process again and capture the rewards.

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